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The Compliance Journey

It can be difficult to know how to begin your cookie compliance journey and exactly what steps are required to obtain compliance but we have created this short guide to help you along. If you need any further help, please call us on +44 (0) 207 043 4575 to arrange a no obligation meeting.


1. Cookie Audit

Your compliance journey begins with a cookie audit. You need to know exactly what cookies your site is placing, the pages it is placing them on and what they do. The audit report will become the foundation of your compliance journey.

The audit can be carried either by yourself or an external provider. You have to consider the time, cost and expertise implications if you wish to undertake your audit in-house.


2. Consulting

With the information gained from your cookie audit you can start to analyse your cookies and determine which are actually required by the site, what they do and whether or nor they can be amalgamated or removed. This is also a good time to tidy up your web estate and update or remove any tracking scripts.


3. Consent Solution

If you are placing cookies which are not determined to be 'strictly necessary' then you must obtain the users consent before placing them. There are a number of different ways to obtain consent and your choice will depend upon your site style, branding, userbase and site architecture.


4. Privacy Policy

Don't forget to update your privacy policy with information about how you use cookies and who to contact in the event of any privacy issues.

E.U. privacy legislation is changing over the next couple of years. Ensure that your website is future compliant now and reassure your users that their data privacy is central to your business.

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5. Ongoing Monitoring

Cookies have been known to multiply and some tracking firms will change their cookie names and functions without warning. The only way to ensure ongoing compliance is an active monitoring service. This allows you to view changes to your cookies since the last audit and is an essential tool for sites with active marketing campaigns and multiple tracking services.

Ongoing monitoring can also identify malware and accessibility or governance issues.