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ICX - Privacy Compliance


ICX makes website users feel more secure and informed about how you protect and manage their data. It shows your organisations privacy statement, contact details and legal links along with detailed information about the cookies your site uses.

It's an ideal way to start your privacy compliance process and can be adapted and expanded as your needs increase.

ICX now comes in three flavours :

ICX1 for website cookie compliance

ICX2 for privacy governance

ICX3 for advanced privacy compliance, privacy marketing and checkout optimisation.



ICX Features



ICX complies with and exceeds the awareness requirement in the E.U. Directive for privacy and gives user detailed cookie information to allow them to make an informed choice about cookies and privacy. A great start for any organisations compliance process.


You can personalise ICX to fit in with your brand including colours, fonts, shape and size. You can also personalise your privacy statement text and links to your legal policies and data protection links including ICO in the UK and Safe Harbor in the US plus any country specific regulators.

Privacy and Cookie Audit

A thorough audit of your website will be carried out generating a report on the cookies your site places and what they are for. Regular, repeat audits ensure the information is up to date.

Rapid Deployment

ICX can be integrated into as many sites as you need quickly, enabling you to take the first steps towards compliance. ICX is lightweight and won’t slow down your site.

Centralised Information

Put all of your privacy information in one place, on one interface, managed by us and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

User Focused

Put your website visitors and customers at ease. 85% of website users feel more comfortable using a website that has been 3rd party audited and uses a recognised privacy mark.

Implied or Implicit Consent for Cookies

It doesn't matter which E.U. state you are based in - we cover all bases when it comes to setting cookies.

Do Not Track and GeoIP lookup

We support the DNT setting in a browser and ICX can be configured to show only for users within the E.U.