Privacy Consulting

A recent survey has shown that most consumers (82%) don’t feel that their data is respected when shopping online.

With those sort of figures at stake doesn’t it make sense to place privacy at the forefront of your marketing?

The negative publicity from data breaches or hacking attacks can damage a brand beyond its monetary value very quickly and recovery can sometimes take months or years.  Any level of consumer loss can be difficult to stop unless a public commitment to data security and privacy is made.

Even the mere perception that their data is insecure or that the website isn’t clear and open about privacy can put many users off shopping.

Informed Choices can advise you on how to build consumer trust and reassure users that you place privacy and data security at the forefront of doing business. For organisations who have already suffered a data breach we can work with you to regain lost traffic and place privacy at the forefront of your offering.

Our consulting services include architectural design to incorporate privacy by design, implementation of privacy marketing techniques and ongoing monitoring of privacy so that you can build a firm foundation of trust for your users.

Contact us today for a confidential discussion about your privacy options.