ICX Privacy Profiling

The base ICX product allows c-level executives to take an overall view of their organisations privacy exposure and make decisions based on dozens of small, but connected, privacy pointers.

Following successful trials in Germany and the UK we have introduced further detailed pointers which allow even more granular analysis of a users and organisations privacy profile.

Our ICX3 product can now be extended to include the following functions:

  • User analysis – has the user had previous privacy issues or does the user regularly interact with unsafe systems?
  • Device analysis – has the device changed or is it being used from a new or potentially invasive region or network?
  • Cadence analysis – Are the inputs similar in style to previous inputs recorded and hashed for this user?

These pointers are fed back in to the ICX matrix to form an accurate measurement of the privacy risk associated with any action the user takes and how that risk could affect the organisation as a whole.

We can also compare risk profiles from other clients in our network and potentially identify and prevent privacy issues before they occur.

The whole system is still GDPR compliant and doesn’t collect any PII from any person outside the organisation.