ICX Privacy Governance Suite

ICX was originally available in three versions of varying complexity and function:

  • ICX1 for website cookie compliance – superseded
  • ICX2 for privacy governance – superseded
  • ICX3 for advanced privacy compliance, privacy marketing and checkout optimisation – superseded

Development has stopped on ICX1, ICX2 and ICX3 to focus resources on ICX+ which now features live Machine Learning, Cross Validation for detecting privacy issues and feeds in to a Neural Network to display the privacy status of your organisation and any other organisation connected to your own, in real-time and with near 100% accuracy.

We use PHP ML to form the backbone of this network as this, like all of our software, is Open Source for transparency and security. The core of our software is a custom Multilayer Perceptron neural network which feeds in to our own neural network which in turn populates the Learning and Validation modules and is ultimately controlled by the ML module to reduce the possibility of over-training to reduce errors and increase accuracy.

ICX+ is compatible with Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel-Lucent, NEC, Netgear, AVM, Calix and Ubiquiti router and switching systems amongst others. Development continues to expand the range.

Live trials show that our ICX+ suite can reduce privacy incidents by over 89% and climbing, increase executive confidence in reporting data and provide instant compliance reports from hundreds of connected entities regardless of their technology platform.

ICX+ is now available as an automatic update for managed clients only. No new installs are planned until late 2022.

A quick overview of ICX+

A threat intelligence suite which offers easy-to-use tools, services, and application programming interfaces (APIs) to manage, monitor and improve corporate security, governance and privacy. More specifically, real-time threat intelligence data gathered through our network of router installed software gathers detailed information about your connected visitors, hosts and their infrastructure.

We examine:

  • connected visitors
  • their actual and predicted actions
  • our ability to predict intent
  • their servers/hosts
  • their domain registration details
  • SSL certificates
  • privacy and terms content
  • publically available financial information
  • changes to any legal structure
  • and in the next update – social media chatter

All of this is output to a custom dashboard which gives C-level executives an immediate overview of what their current privacy exposure is and how to fix it. Ideal for alerting to potential legal problems before they become widely known.

ICX4 Basic Dashboard

Participation is limited to invited organisations at present but general availability is likely in late 2022.

February 2022 – An update to the core analysis engine in conjunction with a major UK university will add an ML framework known as a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) which will allow us to predict usage patterns and actions and compare against real-life actions to feed back to the core software for further analysis.

Last updated : 7th February 2022