Cookie Audit

The first stage of cookie compliance is determining exactly which cookies your website is placing. We will independently audit your entire domain estate for cookies placed by your website or third parties and prepare a report which forms the basis of our Cookie Consulting service.

Over 90% of websites use cookies in some way and not all are placed by the site itself. Third parties such as analytics scripts, adverts and social media all use cookies to track users and it is these that can cause privacy issues.

Our cookie auditing will reveal not only cookies you know about but also those placed by adverts, widgets, plugins or even malware and allow a clear overview before implementing a cookie compliant solution.

Our audit prices start from only £250 for a site with up to 500 pages.

Our detailed independent report shows:



URI – The current page
LoadTime – How long it took to load the page
Cookies – How many new (previously unseen) cookies were served by the page
Forms – How many forms are on the page (<form> tags)
Images – How many images are on the page (<img> tags)
Styles – How many stylesheets are on the page (<link rel=”stylesheet”> and <style> tags)
Flash – How many embedded Flash objects are on the page
Name – The name of the cookie


Value – the contents of the cookie
Domain – The domain which served it
Path – The path it is valid for
Flags –
Expiry – When the cookie is set to expire
Created – This will be the audit date
FirstCreatedOn – The page which first served this cookie
CreatedOn – How many pages this cookie has been served on in total


All of the cookie data is supplied in an easily readable summary report which can be used for meetings or presented to non-technical stakeholders as well as a detailed report for analysis by technical staff. We also supply the data in a sortable csv file for import into your own systems.