About Us

Informed Choices enable organisations of all sizes to enhance brand trust, increase ROI and comply with European privacy laws by displaying our unique trustmark and privacy profile.

This isn’t just a compliance issue – it’s a marketing opportunity.

Surveys consistently show that consumers don’t trust websites with their personal data but 91% of users are more willing to shop online when that website has been audited and shows a privacy profile and privacy trustmark.

A simple fact

Consumers prefer to do business with websites that they trust. Trust generates sales. Trust increases your ROI.

A visible sign of trust and privacy compliance

Our ICX Privacy Profile is easy to install, customisable and allows you to provide a single point for all legal information and cookie consent across your entire site.  We only allow it on websites which pass our strict 50 point audit and continue to maintain high privacy standards.  ICX works on every platform, all devices and is continually evolving to meet the needs of our users every day. We integrate with all major corporate firewalls and governance systems.

Scalable and reliable. You can trust us.

We can support a single website up to a portfolio of over 1500 domains – all easily managed from your own online dashboard. Real analytics are now live so you can record traffic regardless of cookie consent.

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